"The ISTE Seal of Alignment has been a game-changer for the 21Things4 project. We began with our 21Things4 student site and were so impressed with the results that we sought an additional Seal of Alignment for the 21Things4Teachers site. Benefits have included increased website traffic, improved visibility and promotion, and increased credibility as a resource. In addition, our team is constantly monitoring to ensure that we accurately represent the ISTE seal we are so honored to display.

Earning the Seal of Alignment brought validity and credibility to the 21Things4 project and prompted common conversations about technology standards and learning. Educators around the world respect ISTE and respect the resources that bear its mark."

Dr. Jennifer Parker-Moore, Instructional Technology/School Data Consultant
Co-Creator: 21Things4Teachers, 21Things4Administrators, 21Things4Students, 21Things4iPads

The edtech marketplace is crowded, and it’s difficult to stand out.

45% of edtech resource providers are dissatisfied with their ability to get school districts’ attention.

Educators are overwhelmed with choices and don’t believe everything they hear.

Only 17% of district leaders say they rely on product website information to make buying decisions.

Only 29% of district tech leaders report that they trust the information they get from resource providers.

Educators want resources that help them meet digital age standards.

2/3 of teachers report that a resource’s lack of alignment to standards is a barrier to effective implementation.

What are the benefits of earning the seal?

There are many benefits to earning the ISTE Seal of Alignment. These benefits fall into three categories:

Validation and recognition

The seal provides your product or service with exclusive third-party validation from ISTE, allowing you to leverage ISTE's internationally recognized brand and connecting you to extensive networks of tech-savvy leaders and educators.

The seal also allows you to stand out from the crowd of edtech products, increasing your competitive advantage.

Promotion and communication

Earning the seal opens the door to promotion and communication to ISTE's valuable audiences made up of ed tech decision-makers.

This includes recognition in the ISTE Update newsletter, promotion on ISTE's social media platforms, and options for targeted outreach to ISTE members (20,000), affiliate member organizations (70) and interest-driven professional learning networks (25).

Engagement opportunities

Seal of Alignment holders gain access to special events at ISTE Annual Conference & Expo, the world's most comprehensive ed tech event with an average attendance of 20,000 educators and leaders.

Who should apply for a Seal of Alignment?

Products eligible to earn a seal include curriculum-based
products such as:

Types of products not eligible to earn a Seal of Alignment

  • Games and learning apps
  • Educational learning software
  • Online courses
  • Student curricula
  • Certificate and postsecondary programs
  • Professional development programs
  • Technical trainings
  • Tools
  • Platforms
  • Hardware

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Let us help you get standards-ready.

If your company is developing a resource that would benefit from alignment with the ISTE Standards but isn’t quite there yet, we offer co-development services to prepare you for Seal of Alignment review.

We’ll connect you to an ISTE Standards expert to consult with your team during the development or refinement process and make recommendations that will increase the likelihood of alignment to ISTE Standards indicators.

For more information, email Mindy Frisbee, ISTE director of alignment, at mfrisbee@iste.org.